How to record your automation tests?

You can use either or a combination of the following methods to quickly write your own custom test suite XML files to functionally test your  own custom website:

If the website application you want to test is PHP

You’ll have it very, very easy: Temporarily include the provided Controller/Recorder.php into the bootstrap of your application on your development server, which gives you a convenient Record & Playback facility for your tests. A myTestSuite.xml file will be generated automatically on disk, which records any manual test steps that you perform whilst Controller/Recorder.php is included.

new AutomateYourTests\Controller\Recorder('myTestSuite.xml');

For any other website applications

Whilst you are testing your web site manually, simply copy & paste from the browser’s inspector (F12) into your own custom myTestSuite.xml. If you happen to like my software and want to keep using it, give me a shout and I will try to convert the above Record & Playback facility into the programming language of your choice. I can’t promise anything, but I am happy to try …

How to debug your automation tests

Whilst you are still new to the game, feel free to copy & paste from any of the test suite XML files in the provided /Examples directory. That’s what they are there for!

If any of your automated test steps produce an unexpected FAILURE, check out the automated test debugging features of this software tool, which should help you tremendously to make all your tests PASS again in no time at all.

I have invested a lot of effort into making the debugging of your tests as easy as can be. This automated website test tool will give you excellent feedback regarding the offending line number and HTTP response that is responsible for the FAILURE. You will be able to fix your tests without ever having to switch into your web browser.

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