How to install?

System requirements

  1. Linux/Windows/Mac … anything goes.
  2. Install PHP 5.4+ on the server where you want to run your tests from. The actual web app that you want to test can be on a different server, as long as it is accessible over the network via http/s. It doesn’t even need to be written in PHP.
  3. Enable the PHP extension CURL, which is a piece of cake.

How to install?

  1. Click the Download the automated testing tool button below.
  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file to a directory on your server.
  3. Open a command prompt and change into that directory, so for example “cd /home/user/site/lib” or “cd C:\MyDocu~1\user\site\lib”. Then change into “cd AutomateYourTests”.
  4. If you are too lazy to browse the documented examples on this website, check that you have internet access, type one of the following commands and see what happens … otherwise browse the documented examples on this website!

php run.php testsuite="Examples/1_hello_world.xml"
php run.php testsuite="Examples/2_typical_technical_test_suite.xml"
php run.php testsuite="Examples/3_typical_functional_test_suite.xml"

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