The Automated Website Testing Tool

This tool helps you to automate the regression testsintegration and functional tests and the user acceptance, system, sanity & smoke tests of your website application.

Because the last thing you want is to release your web site into the wild only for your end users to find out that it does not quite work as expected.

This software benefits every developer who builds server-sided web applications. If you have the time and money writing comprehensive unit tests for all of your web app functionality, congratulations, please do not read any further. For the rest of us mortals, I have developed this website application testing tool, which I give to the community for free.

If you want to test your website application functions without a fuzz and sleep in piece at night, you will not find a more cost-effective tool to achieve high automation test coverage for your web application.


  • You can use this PHP software to test any web application, even web applications that are not written in PHP.
  • This automated website testing tool maximises productivity. It mimics the manual testing process. Simply browse and test your own web site whilst copying data out of the Chrome/Firefox browser inspector into an XML config file. Alternatively, you can record test scenarios automatically whilst manually testing your own website.
  • No programming involved unless you want to. You can hook your own custom programming extensions into the tests to enhance the software with additional “Test Features”.

Test Features

  • Can retrieve and test any HTTP or HTTPS URL for a test assertion to be a success/failure.
  • The supported test assertions are:
    • Test for the HTML source (not) to contain a specified sub string.
    • Test for a JSON node (not) to match a specified string.
    • Test for the URL’s HTTP status code (not) to match a specified status code.
    • Any of these test assertions can also be tested for in combination, which means even multiple sub strings and status codes can be tested for.
  • Can submit POST data to test for to a URL.
  • Can impersonate test users, just as if the user had logged into your web site. That way you can test for web page content that only specific users would (not) be able to see.
  • Can reset the automation test database in between each test. Even multiple test databases are supported.

Additional Features

  • You have access to comprehensive debugging settings. This makes it really easy to fix your broken tests, because productivity is king.
  • Allows to hook up the test suites to your system, e.g. to your Continuous Integration System or to your Version Control System via a push/commit hook.
  • You may remotely test a web application by installing this tool on any other computer that has network access to the web application and PHP installed. A web server is not required.
  • Allows you to inherit tests and test configurations across n-levels (user stories, test scenarios and test steps).
  • If everything else fails, try to override the appropriate class methods. This testing software is OOP with maximum documentation, transparency and flexibility in mind. You should not have to resort to dirty hacks to get your job done.


  • This automated website testing tool exclusively tests server-sided web site functionality. It does not test for client-sided application features written in CSS or JavaScript or browser differences. For that please use Selenium, however be warned, that creating Selenium tests is a far more complex & time-consuming exercise than using the present software.
  • You can remotely test web applications installed on a different server regardless what server-sided technology they have been developed in. However, by doing that you may have difficulties hooking into your web application’s programming code (eg to automatically reset your test database in between your tests).

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