Automated web application testing

This software tool automates the integration tests, functional tests and regression tests and the user acceptance, system, sanity and smoke tests of your web application.

Because the last thing you want is to release your web site into the wild only for your end users to find out that it does not quite work as expected.

We are a collective of developers that started developing web applications back in 1997. Over time it has become apparent to us that manually testing our web applications is insufficient. There simply is no alternative to automated testing, but unfortunately there are no good software tools out there to do this with. This is why we wrote our own software.

If you have the time and money writing comprehensive unit tests for all of your web app functionality, congratulations, please do not read any further. For the rest of us mortals, we have developed this web application testing tool, which we will give to the community for free.

If you want to test your web application functions without a fuzz and sleep in piece at night, you will not find a more cost-effective tool to achieve high test coverage for your web application.

You can download this web application testing tool here from 1st November 2016.