The Automated Website Testing Tool

This software tool automates the integration tests, functional tests and regression tests and the user acceptance, system, sanity and smoke tests of your website application.

Because the last thing you want is to release your web site into the wild only for your end users to find out that it does not quite work as expected.

This software benefits every developer who builds server-sided web applications. These type of web sites are more complex than normal web sites, and therefore quite sensitive to software bugs (and other faults). The more a web application is subjected to bug fixes, feature enhancements or other change, the more this becomes a problem. Software bugs often remain hidden on the development web site for some long time, and do not get discovered sometimes even when the development code base finally gets uploaded to the live version of the web site where these bugs can cause a considerable amount of customer dissatisfaction.

If you have the time and money writing comprehensive unit tests for all of your web app functionality, congratulations, please do not read any further. For the rest of us mortals, I have developed this website application testing tool, which I give to the community for free.

If you want to test your website application functions without a fuzz and sleep in piece at night, you will not find a more cost-effective tool to achieve high automation test coverage for your web application.

Use cases for the automation testing tool

a) Web developers can quickly & easily write test suites for their web applications that prevent technical bugs and faults. Only of small degree of web development skill is needed, as the testing tool is degisned to have hardly any learning curve. Even IT workers with only small skill sets can be trained to write such test suites.

b) Business staff can write user stories that web developers than translate into test suites (similar to Behavior-Driven Development). Such test suites are more “high-level” than technical test suites. They prevent the website application against logical and workflow faults and make sure that the user specification has been correctly fulfilled (Automated User Acceptance Testing).